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Thursday, October 14, 2010

So Blessed! Thank God for My Parents

All my life something very special happened every morning long before I'd get out of bed. .
.Daddy was up reading his daily scriptures. 
It was such a warm, safe feeling to get up early and see Dad sitting there
at the table reading. . .but usually he'd already left and his Bible was there open on the table.
This is a picture of Dad at our home around 1998.  He never quit this wonderful habit.
Tom got up early and there was Dad reading at
our breakfast table with the sun coming up in the background. 
I'm so glad Tom took this photo!

 Mrs. & Mrs. George H. Wirth, my parents.
Mom so beautiful inside and out. . .Dad so strong in character and body.
They were married 50 years. 
They instilled in me strong values and showed me how a Christian should walk, talk and live . . .daily.
They were the best!

Dad loved fishing and he was good.
Denny took that after him for sure!
All the boys like to fish.  Daddy loved
to fish even if he wasn't catching. 
He loved the water, the boat, the smells, the bait, tackle, line and poles. . .he was a good example of how to be a 'fisher of men'. . .
you've got to love to fish
 even when you're not catching.
Mom would fry up the fish with Dad and she would make potato salad, slaw and slice those "one of a kind" Illinois tomatoes for a great meal.

I've been up home for a week with family and friends and it made me realize how thankful I am for the wonderful life God allowed me to enjoy.

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