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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Church at Mt. Carmel. . . Bro. Tom. . .microphone shortage

John Cooley, Jed Wirth and John Franklin Peach

Ashton, Duke's beautiful daughter with Emmett Cooley

A small portion of the Ray Stallings Family

Stephanie Taylor with her mother, Makayla , Mariah Woods & Christa

Amy with Emmett, Aunt Barb, Aunt Ruth, Aunt Judy, Janet,  Sis. Wanda and Aunt Roberta

Abby (on right) with friends. . .Mary Cooley in background

Christina (Duke's wife)  and Becky (Brandon's wife)

Bro. Tom

Just wanted to add a note about Tom.
He works at Big Jon's Lunch Box and is a great, hard worker.
He comes in and does his job everyday without having to be instructed.
He makes sure he does his work well.
He has one of the very most important jobs to making a restaurant great
which is keeping the dishes and silverware spotless. . .
as well as the pots and pans.
When you go to the Lunch Box you know your tableware is clean.
You can trust Tom to have done his job well.
He also knows a lot about multiple facets of the business and gives
input to Jon about computers and other ideas.
Believe me, we are in business for ourselves and have had all kinds of workers. . .
but Tom is the kind that wants to help your business work.
He's not just there for the paycheck. . .
He's wants the company to succeed.

When Tom came into the church he was looking for a home.
He needed and job and was pretty rough around the edges.
Bro. John and the church took him in and helped him find a family of a different kind.
Tom even back then worked around the church and helped with projects.
He wasn't a freeloader, just a person looking for a job and a place to fit in.
I am glad the Lord allowed him to find such a wonderful place
and such a wonderful group of people.
We are all blessed.

Will and Mary Cooley

Younger Church Girls dancing

Aunt Roberta, Dixie with grand, Shelia and Lloyd, Aunt Judy
John Peach, Sam Perry, Brandon, Uncle Waldo

Angela, Beverly, Aunt Ruth, Aunt Barb, Sunday School kids choir and Dee-Dee holding Levi

Another note:  These kids love to sing and hold the microphones. . .
so, they even use the microphones that aren't working!
Old discarded ones from long ago.
They still don't have enough to go around and Eden, Emily's little girl,
for sure wanted one this night.
She kept asking the other kids to let her have theirs. . .but without luck. . .
then she even left to go ask her grandmother to make the kids give her one.
But, finally the song blessed and the other kids went off shouting while
Eden and one of the Stallings girls held
tightly and sang mightily with a tight grip on a microphone of their own.
It was sweet.

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