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Friday, November 18, 2011

Autumn . . .Ashley. . .Jason. . .Brayden's dedication. . .Jaida's new school

Yes, our little Autumn is all grown up and a beauty.

Michelle and Autumn

Seems like only a few years ago we were
sitting in a hospital room waiting while Denny
and Michelle were trying to deliver this little bundle of "great Wirth ".  Ashley had a new
baby sister and we all enjoyed watching her grow. 

Her Uncle Tommy loved to tease her. . .always asking her for something he knew she wouldn't want to share and then saying, "She won't share with me!"  Then Michelle would say, "Autumn, you'd better be nice to Uncle Tommy. . ." and they'd start the same "game" over again.  She loved it and so did he.

Autumn and Denny
Lately I've been watching Autumn as she's making decisions about values. . .what does she really want out of life. . .it seems like she's making Jesus her choice  - His will her goal - more and more.  I see her reaching out to help her friends
have success in their lives. . .being happy with
those that are happy and lifting up those who
are feeling down. 

She has taken pictures with her fancy camera and she loves doing it. . .She's started enjoying baking
too and her cupcakes are delicious!

I am hoping that she will wait patiently on the Lord
until "her prince" comes.  I am watching her become
the princess that he will be looking for.

Pictures from the past. . .

Autumn Jade

Ashley gets a sister and she is happy!

1st came our Jaida "bug". . .what a bundle of energy and love!

Then Mom and Dad added Brayden to keep Jaida from being too spoiled.
Ashley, Jason and Brayden
I just wanted to post a "Luckey" family I love and really want to see succeed!
Ashley loves her husband enough to support him in prayer. . .asking the Lord to make her family strong.
She loves her children enough to submit to God's order for her life.
Ashley is a winner, not by her might, nor by her power, but by the spirit of the Lord!
Jason is a very sweet daddy who loves and helps with the kids.
He is also a very sweet nephew to his old aunts.
He was certainly beaming as he sat in the hospital with his new little  boy and beautiful wife.
Together they dedicated Brayden to the Lord in church a few weeks ago.
They were especially honored that Bro. Billy Brown was still there to bless the family as he had been
when Jaida was dedicated.
Here's a few more pictures of the family and church folks.

Denny, Ashley, Jason, Brayden and Mike

Praying for the parents.

Daddy holding Brayden. . .Denny holding Ashley

Jaida's 1st day at her new school.

Now the sad news. . .Ashley and Jason are living in Dallas. . .and we
miss them.  We wanted them to all be together serving the Lord. . .but here.  I guess the Lord had other plans.
I know the Lord will make a way somehow.  HE will help us if we let Him. . .so maybe one of these days Jason will get his transfer to the Houston area. . .until then we will be praying for the Lord to keep
them all in His care.  I feel confident Jason will be willing to take his family to church and keep them under the covering of the Lord.
It's the best thing he can give his children, the Lord.
Jason, I'm counting on you!

I know Denny and Michelle are thankful for the wonderful
children the Lord gave them to train up for HIM.  
I know they are counting their blessing and naming them one by one. . .
Autumn. . .Ashley. . .Jason. . .Jaida. . .Brayden. . .to name a few.

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