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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stanley Thomas Peach is 37!

Happy Birthday Dear Stanley Thomas Peach!

Stan’s 3rd birthday. . .Travis, Stan, Matt, Danny, Sarah, Gary. .

It’s hard to believe that my baby is 37 years old today. It seems like only yesterday I was bringing him into the house and showing him to his little one year old sister, Sarah Jean.

She wasn’t sure she was happy with me since I’d been gone for four days without her, but she liked baby Stan and Grandma Wirth helped her hold and admire him.
They were friends from the start and soon Sarah found out she was still just as important to me as the new baby. She would sit up on my lap when I would feed Stan in the rocking chair. . .and as Stan would get his tummy full he'd Fall asleep. . .and Sarah would fall asleep. . .I couldn't get up with both arms full of little ones so I’d just relax and take a nap there with them.

It was lots of fun watching the two kids grow up together. . .
they had so much fun
and always had a playmate. . .
even when they were sick with all the childhood diseases they
usually both were sick.
Sometimes I think rocking them in that chair together,
Sarah's head on my should and Stan
in my lap helped them to bond. They knew I had room for them both.
They knew both were loved and accepted. . .treasured.

Stan is a very good son. He loves Tom and I and blesses us with "things"
we needed (new carpet and flooring). . .
and things he knows will make us happy (Tom's Guitar).
He enjoys blessing people with gifts. . .especially those he loves.

Stan's kids were here with me Sunday evening. . .four of the five. . .
Baby Emily was with Mommy.
They were talking about their dad and how his birthday was coming up.
You could sure tell they loved him being around. . .and were making plans for the next few days with him.

I asked, "When is Daddy going back to the job site? I thought your Mom said he was going soon."
The kids didn't like that. . .they all said, "Noooooooo, he just got back!"
They sure wanted him around.

What is better than a Daddy and a Mother in your home?
I remember how I loved knowing Mom was home all day for me if I needed her.
I liked it that I could count on her to have good meals ready for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Other folks could have been there, but they weren't my Mom.
Same with Dad. . .I knew he was going to come home every day about 4 o'clock.
He'd come in carrying his lunch pail with a big grin on his tired face.
On Friday's we'd run to check out his lunch pail. . .
It would have candy bars for us inside.
It wasn't a big expensive gift, it just said to us that we were special and loved.

Then Daddy would take his check and give it to Mom for the week's needs.
We didn't have money for everything in excess, but we had enough to build
a solid home with loads of love inside. . .and even overflowing. . .
We had enough money to pay tithes and share our meals with friends. . .
Enough to open our home to friends when they came for a visit.
We were rich enough to have great men and women of God stay in our home during
church meetings. . .
Yes, we were rich because we had the things money couldn't buy. . .time for each other.

Today life is so full of work, work, work.
How can you be responsible without letting work rob you of
the need to be with your family and bringing them to God?
If you give your life just to your children, they will grow up to be spoiled brats.
If you give your life just for your spouse, you will never be completely fulfilled.
If you give your life for the Lord, you will fulfill the needs of your wife and family while gaining God's favor and finding the correct work ethic.


Joanie, Me, Jeb, Travis, Glenn, Stan,?, Matt, Chris, Danny, Bud, Sarah, Alice
at Stan's nursery birthday party in 1978.

For Stan's birthday, Lord, I desire that you'd bless him with the
power to serve You and Your Father the way both his grandfathers did. . .
I pray that you will teach him how to use his time responsibly. . .making
certain Becky, the kids and especially You get all the time you need to share with him.
I pray You will help Stan to use the gift of leadership You
placed inside him. . .that he will never be too busy to sing and speak out for You. . .
that he will recognize his place in the church and fill it. . .
I pray that he will always be able to show mercy and grace to those who aren't as strong as he is. , ,
That he will be able to forgive those who've done wrong even if they never ask. . .or admit it to him.

Lord, I thank you for these 37 wonderful years we've enjoyed Stan. . .
Watching him grow into a boy full of energy, then a young man ready to work and
be responsible for a wife and family.
I thank You for his beautiful children and ask You to give them a vision of Your body.
Stan's done well providing for his family and making jobs for others so they can support
their families. . .but help him never to let work crowd out the most important things in life. . .
Help him know when to expand business and when to say, "That's enough."
Lord, You hold the key that will give Stan complete victory in this dark world.
Help him to lead his family into the full light of Your calling for their lives.
Help Stan to make plenty of room for You in his home.
Help Stan to search his heart and allow You to search it with him.

Thank You!

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