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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

God gives a song. . .Teach Me, Lord, To Follow!


I was so blessed to have Doug, Rachel and the four boys staying with me yesterday and today.
We had a family dinner for those that could make it over last night. . .
so we could share them with all.
Doug is a really special brother, always looking for ways to bring unity to the family.
Always looking for ways to "get" his love to each of us and our kids and their kids.
Rachel is a good wife and mother.  She does an excellent job of homeschooling the kids.
I was able to observe her teaching skills today as she worked with the boys.
They are really smart kids and even when they play a game like "LIFE" they are serious
about making decisions. . .it becomes a math lesson!
Joe is really making some great progress.  God is good.
The boys all told me scriptures they've learned lately so my wallet is thinner but
my heart is full.

We all sat outside for a while last night as we grilled out but the insects were after our blood!
When all came inside we had a good time just talking. . . 
 kids running around everywhere having fun.
Then they did some exercising while Tom played some fun songs for them.
Kids dancing to Rachel's  music.
Later they sang a few songs themselves and Tom told them how they used to tell those singing to hold their hands.  Rachel kept saying, "But raise your hands and praise the Lord sometimes."
She certainly didn't want then to get locked in on keeping their hands in position rather than raised in praise.

Bucky and George playing drum to Rachel's piano.

Paul and Daniel playing Life game. Kimmie, George and Bucky in background.

Today Doug was singing Rachel's song about being willing to follow the Lord's leading.
That is what I'm really writing about.
I felt the Lord so strongly in the song. . .like HE was talking to me through it.
I just want to make sure I get the message. 

I want to be able let the Lord feel my complete faith in His love for me.
After they left I listened to the song over and over, letting it sink deeply into my spirit.

Doug told a story about what he does when he comes in from work. . . (he's a touch-er)
So he comes up behind Rachel, slips his arms around her,
hugs her and says, "I know you love me." . . .
then Rachel looks at him and responds, "I know you love me too."
He said that in the beginning of their relationship he wasn't always sure and neither was she. . .
but after fourteen years he is sure she loves him and she is sure he loves her.
He gave this message in a testimony lately.
Doug said since then he's been looking up toward the Lord and telling HIM, "I know you love me."
When he does that he just feels all broken up and it makes God's love for him more of a reality.
When you're sure someone loves you, then you know you can trust them. . .
you can act with confidence.
Now he said he is just waiting for the day when God can finally respond back,
"And I know you love me too."

Isn't that true!  God's proven HIS love for us but we are still trying to prove faithful to HIM. . .
then one day hear HIM say "Well done".  One day, if I keep my vow to HIM, the Lord can  slip his arms around me and say,
"I know you love me too."

We have been so blessed to have been visited by the Doug Wirth Family.

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A Living Sacrifice said...

Whew!!! I am bawling like a baby!! I can feel the Lord in this post so much!! I could really feel it when you wrote that about saying I Know You Love Me to the Lord!!! It is something to admit that you know the Lord loves you. It breaks you because it breaks the bondage of doubt. Something about BELIEVING that the Lord is for you and just simply loves you...stating that...saying the words out loud!!! I KNOW THE LORD LOVES ME...almost like a weapon against the fiery darts the devil hurls at you daily. It's an answer to the question have I failed you one to many times Lord...I answer with I KNOW you love me Lord...why...because ___________ (insert any one of the billion things He has done for you). No doubt or fear can enter in where the Lord dwells. So inspiring!!! My mind is just racing...yes Lord...I KNOW you love me!!!