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Thursday, April 25, 2013

#10 - Douglas Andrew Hanna has made his entrance into the world.

Douglas Andrew Hanna
Arrivedv - April 24, 2013
Weight - 8 lbs. 1 oz.
Length- 20 in.
Hair- Blond with some vague strawberry tint
Place - Herman Memorial Hospital - The Woodlands
This baby was named for his Grandfather, Doug Hanna.
(and his Uncle Doug Wirth)
It is interesting that Doug Wirth and baby Doug Hanna are both
the fifth child of the family with girl-boy-girl-boy-boy sequence.
Doug Wirth said he knew which kid of Sarah's was now his favorite! ;)
Here's some photo's for you all to enjoy.
They were taken with Sarah leaving the kids at my house with Janet and I. . .
until we left the hospital.
I didn't get pictures of the others who came by but Chad's Dad and Sister's family
came by and our family - Karla and Allen, Allen Jr. and Makaela came by.
Becky was there first and then the rest of us came later .
The kids were just too much to handle in the waiting room for the long wait.
Lots of folks think he looks like Sarah, Stan thinks he looks like Jonathon, some say
George and Travis. . .Well just have to watch and see.
He does look at lot like Sarah's baby pictures to me but her hair was a definite red
and so were her eye-brows.
 Sarah looking pretty but very full of baby. . .on her way to deliverance.

Baby's 1st photo
Laura, Douglas Andrew, George, Aunt Janet and Mom Sarah

Sarah, Douglas Andrew and Kimmie Jo
Flowers from Becky and Stan. ..also gift bag full of
baby gowns, summer nursing blankets and onsies.
Siblings just have to touch his little head. . .
Side shot of Douglas Andrew
George, Douglas Andrew, Becky and Sarah

Laura, Douglas Andrew, George, Becky and Sarah
Becky looking pretty with an armful of Douglas Andrew.
Aunt Becky bought him this little outfit and dressed him all up in it. . .then
she wrapped him in this really neat summer blanket that is light-weight but
lets the baby snuggle.

All tucked in and ready to rest from a day of changes. . .
moving from
the inside world to the outside.

Two extremely good looking men, Daddy Chad and Uncle Stan with Douglas Andrew Hanna.
The little musical blue bear in the crib was from Laura, George, Kimberly and Travis.

Janet is the BEST sister!
She was helping me all day with the four kids of Sarah and they are a HANDFUL.
She also is taking the girls home to stay with her while Sarah is in the hospital.
I have the boys.
I couldn't do it without her(.) period!
Becky and Karla also helped keep the kids from "remodeling" the hospital waiting area. . .
along with Stan and Tom. . .they were really "wound" up.

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