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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Princess and Her Prince (?)


Princess Sophie Wyrick and Roller Bladed Prince George Hanna
Make note of George holding his pant legs up to keep from tripping over them!

The ultimate prince.
This was a picture from Princess Sophie's birthday party back in October. You may recognize her escort, Prince George with the "roller blade" slippers. Sophie wanted him to wear something more appropriate, but being of the male gender, he considered what he was wearing to be sufficient. Regardless, the princess and her prince were able to have a fantastic day.  Price George ignored the other princess beauties trying to catch his eye and focused on Sophie, food and toys. 

Laura, Sophie and Maya

Meanwhile, Sophie was very busy with all her other princess friends. . .jumping in her princess castle. . .eating her princess cake. . .and opening her princess gifts.
This was such a cute picture of such adorable kids and the contrast of their outfits was too much to pass over.  Sophie so tiny and George such a big brute made the picture a winner.

More "royalty" attending the Birthday Bash.
Princesses Laura Hanna, Auria and Lylia Marshall, (George), Sophie and Maya Wyrick 

Sophie was three. . .George would be three in just a few  more days.
Even though George is a few days younger, he was supposed to be born before Sophie.
She was tiny to start with and he was a horse.
These two cousins have been friends from the first. . .
and George really does try to protect her. 

Baby princess Maya was finding even the left-overs off the floor very tasty!