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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Somebody Prayed for Me. . .The Value of Nail Clippings. . .

This first story is about Sammy Wirth when he was just a few years old and barely potty trained.  The newest baby, Abby, was only a few weeks old and Sam was feeling
the strain of his new position - "big brother" . . .no longer the baby himself.  He wasn't sure he liked it, so he was having "accidents" daily in his britches. 
For the first few days his folks let it slide, they understood he wanted to make sure he was noticed, even if it was for accidents. . .but after a few days they had enough.  The whole family was at Mom and Dad's for supper and Jon gave Sammy a really hard, straight talk about the next time he pottied in his pants it was going to be a spanking
. . .no ifs, ands or buts about it.
He asked him if he understood and Sammy nodded his head.
So, here we are at the table enjoying a fine meal when Sammy started "squirming" in his seat.  Jon said, "Sam, do you have to go to the bathroom. . .because if you do you better or else you know what you'll get."  We all were holding our breath because we knew Sam had waited until the last minute.  Sam jumped down from the chair and went running to the bathroom, which you could see from the kitchen table.  We were all hoping he'd make it when he stuck his little head, with eyes full of sparkle, around the door frame and started singing, "Somebody prayed for me!"  It was so funny we all could hardly contain ourselves, including Jon. . .but Sam had made it just in the nick of time.  Still makes me smile.
Jonathon Samuel and Emily Grace Wirth

Another funny story from Jon's family only Emily was the key character.
She had just lost her first tooth and I happened to be up at Mom's.
Emily was telling me how the "tooth fairy" had left her fifty cents under her pillow
for her old tooth.  She was really excited.
Sitting on the couch next to me she thought for a long while, then she looked up
and asked me, "Aunt Karen, how much can you get for clipped finger nails?"
What?  "If you can get fifty cents for a tooth, then how much if you put your
finger nails (clippings) under your pillow?"
Isn't that just like a kid. . .thinking outside our boxed minds.
Maybe she should have went into the salvage business!
It certainly seems like she had a mind for making money.

Just trying to share some memories others may enjoy.

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