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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A 1,000 Words. . . At least food for thought.

I just found two old pictures of my kids when they were younger, and I realized these pictures kind
of gave the direction of the path their lives have taken. 

Sarah with her Sunday school class. . .look closely, you may know these kids.

Sarah, our daughter, has worked with kids and been a teacher/interpreter for most of her life. 
She is now still surrounded by children in her own home,
having four children under the age of five years.

When she was just seven or eight years old, the kids in our neighborhood would come to our home early on Saturday mornings, sometimes before 8 o'clock, to play with Sarah.  She had a "pretend" beauty shop in our garage and she would "fix" the girls hair for them.  The girls looked forward to this every Saturday and they'd  start coming over on their bicycles and some on tricycles to wait their turn.  Sarah would first use a curling iron and rollers and then brush and comb to give them their hair-do.  She'd even "spray" it to make it last.  It was really cute and I loved watching them but sometimes I wished their parents would at least keep them home until nine or ten. . . to give us one day a week for a late breakfast.  Most of the girls (and even a few boys) who came for a hair-do were younger than Sarah, although their were a few who were her age.  So she not only fixed their hair, but she was actually providing a free "day care" service for our neighborhood. 

One of the loves of Sarah's life was teaching Sunday School.  She was great at it and spent
lots and lots of hours in preparation each week for her class.
She inspired many of the children to learn scriptures and would go to church an hour
early to listen to them quote Bible verses. . .then stay afterwards to hear more verses.
The kids won a medal for so many verses, everyone could win a medal IF they wanted to study.
She also gave them really fun outings and camps.
I don't know who was the most excited, Sarah or the kids.
She looked forward to each outing. She was blessed with great helpers.

Captain Stan talking to the "giants-judges" about what would be best for the his team.
 Now Stan, our son, was always out to protect others.  He was a pretty tough little cookie when it came to defending. He split his tongue in two defending a small kid others were picking on at the bus stop and then another time he defended a handicapped child in the lunch room that bullies were making fun of and ended up in the principal's office.  The principal called me and said although they had to take Stan into the office because of the fight, they didn't want him to be punished because what he did was very compassionate.  Just the other day one of the special needs kids (Jeff Horn) told me he was in the special needs classes during that time in the same school.  He didn't personally see Stan defend the young boy, but he heard the story of what Stan did from the other handicapped kids.  
Stan was their hero.  

Stan played football as a kid and always carried "his load".  His first year on the junior team, he was elected "team caption" over all the older team members.  This made one of the "father/coaches" upset, since Stan beat out the older boys (and the actual players were the ones that voted) and his own son wanted to be captain. Come t find out his own son had voted for Stan.  So, they ended up having three captains that year - two were coach's sons and Stan,  the team's choice.  

Stan works with some "big shots" most all the time and although he's the president of a successful company, he still is the "little guy" talking to the "giants" in the oil industry, but the other little guys and the big giants still respect him and listen to what he has to say.


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