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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Your Gift Will Make Room For You!

It really is true. . .your gift will make room for you. . . I just wanted to draw attention to the way my brother, Denny, has been taking his gift out of "the earth it was buried in" and blessing the people.  Tom and I were talking about him on the way home from church Wednesday night.  We said he was turning into a "Bro. Billy Brown" . . . he can get up to dismiss, yet with just a few words share many golden nuggets.  Like. . .What do you think VICTORY is? It's holding on until you reach your goal no matter how many times situations broadside your life and cause you to lose your footing. . .you just get back up and keep heading toward the goal. That's VICTORY!  Keeping HIM in focus.

Anyway, I just appreciate the way people have been investing their treasures in others rather than keeping them buried.  It is so wonderful to hear the things the Lord has given to others, and to share what He's given to us.  Bro. Sabas Rameriz is another example of the Lord allowing someone to unearth their calling.  He has been an inspiration with his testimonies and trust in the Lord.

I want to say we've lost a great man of God, Bro. George Thomas Wright.  Well, not really lost him because each of us who loved him carry some of him with us.  I will always cherish the times he got up and blessed the services with "The Reason I'm In This Church, I Don't Want To Be Lost". . .well, thank God he wasn't lost and he certainly helped many, many people find their way to the Lord.  His gift was awesome and over the years he watered the saints and cared for them like a good shepherd. He and Sis. Marion are two of the sweetest people you could ever know.  They have been a wonderful example of marriage and faithfulness to each other. . .and to the Lord.  He will be so missed. . .and we will value Sis. Wright all the more in the days ahead.  They are worthy of our honor.

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