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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Honoring Dad - My World War II Navy Hero & Doug- My #1 Marine

My Favorite Navy Man
George H. Wirth

Granny Florence Faye Bare with Daddy
Dad was just out of high school landing a job at
Snap-On-Tools when the war caused him to want
to go off into the military to protect his nation.

He was taught to be a medic because of his high
aptitude in that area.  He loved it and worked on
many, many young soldiers to save their lives in the
very midst of battle.  He had lots of stories to tell
about surgeries they did during even a typhoon!
It was a record breaking appendectomy with men
holding the walls of the tent up while the lantern was
swinging in the wind.  The subject did live and was
able to fight another battle.

I am so thankful for my dad's life.  I am thankful he
taught me to value the freedom he and others fought
for.  We honored the flag.  We honored those who
fought for us.  We loved the USA and were thankful
that we were born in this great nation.

Thanks to the boys who became men overnight!
Thanks to the mother's who let them go off to war.
Thanks to the wives and sweethearts who worried
every night about their love.
Thanks to the children who sacrificed a father to service.
May we as Christians always honor those who gave of themselves for the freedom of others.

George H. Wirth

     My Favorite Marine
                     Douglas Eric Wirth
I also want to say my 2nd Favorite Military Man
is my brother, Douglas Eric Wirth.  He went off
to the Marines not long after he graduated.  He worked hard getting things ready for those who after him fought
in Desert Storm. 

Douglas Eric Wirth



Dad enjoying his son "on leave" during his time in Marines.

 I am certainly blessed to have many men in my life who are soldiers for Jesus.
I thank God for each of
the brave men who daily face battles of
spiritual freedom for their families and themselves.  They won't back down but stand firm in the faith with integrity against the enemy. You will find them reading their Bible or down on their knees seeking direction from the Commander.  You will find them being a witness at the workplace and a strong leader in the home. It is the highest calling you can respond to. . .and it is all voluntary.  God won't make you serve Him, He wants you to love Him enough   to desire to help Him. If your heart's not in this fight the Lord will
                                                                                       "spit/spew you out" of his army. 
There are also many women in God's army.  You will
find them standing guard at the entrance of their homes. . .not allowing sin to enter.
They will be working hard in the kitchens.. .preparing a fine meals . . .waiting  to serve lovingly
 the men that have been out on the battlefield. They will be teaching their children godly principles all during the day. . . praying for their little babies as they rock them in their arms. . .
asking God to make them strong and courageous. 
They will be teaching the songs of Zion to the next generation.
Will you be enlisted as a volunteer?  He just needs 144,000 good men and women.
HE is still enlisting all those who are willing. 
The battle is worth the sweet aroma of victory over the enemy.

Daddy on ship in WWII

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