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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Preachers setting a good example. . .

Bro. Gary Wright and Bro. Hank Blades

It's not a very clear picture but that is Bro. Gary Wright, Bro. Brown's assistant
for the Houston area, cleaning the floors in the Humble church.
Was this a photo set-up?  No
He asks others to volunteer their help and is willing to work himself.
You can find him cleaning every Sunday evening after service.
He is working with Bro. Hank Blades, another faithful servant.

Each week several families stay for a few minutes after service to
get everything cleaned before leaving the church.
It's like a busy beehive.
Lots of families participate and many younger families get their kids helping too.

 Brings back memories of Bro. Clyde Patton and Bro. George Wright.
Both used to be "in" on the work days at the church.
Anytime leadership responds to a work day, followers are more willing to help out.

Bro. Brown also can be seen at times out working in the church parking lot.

I think it's a wonderful testimony that our preachers are willing to
labor physically in the house of the Lord.

Jesse developing his cleaning skills.

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