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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who needs a circus. . .the kids are here!

Papaw's in his pj's too. . .with Kathryn who has somehow grown taller than he. . .with the help of Paul.
Papaw still has the larger belly though.
It was like being at the circus with all the kids dressing up in costumes and doing tricks.
Who needs outside entertainment if you have grand kids..
During the Houston Convention the kids all came over to the house. . .well thirteen of them
for an action packed evening with Tom and I.  First all the kids changed from church clothes
into PJ's so no good outfits would get torn up.
Next they played some fun games with lots and lots of laughs.
Then they did some creative stunts and dress ups.
Kids are so full of energy. . .my house would barely hold all the action!
We finally settled down for some meat and cheese roll-ups and popped corn.
Thank God for kids.  May God see fit to give each of these little ones a vision they can hold on to.

Paul, Brooklyn, Denny (bottom row) Daniel (middle)
Kathryn and Bucky  Kids just having fun.

In their PJ's, Hannah agrees to be Jilly's show dog and Jilly gives her instructions on how to act.

Hannah in the "Grandma Outfit". . .glasses and scarf with cape.  This is one of Daniel's favorites.

  Here are a few more cute pictures of the kids other places.

Jilly playing the violin for us at here home. 

Kimberly not too happy about Georgie's ice-cream cone. . .she was not being well behaved and had to wait until her
attitude changed before she could have her own.

Bright eyed Daniel. . .looking more like his Grandpa Wirth everyday. . .only with brown eyes instead of blue.

Rachel, Doug and Bucky just arriving in Houston and 1st thing they do is go to the hospital to see
Becky and 1 day old baby Emily Jane.
Stan searching wallet for something important?

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