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Friday, October 26, 2012

59th Anniversary for the Harley/Vicki Milner's

Celebrating another anniversary (59th). . ."...after all these years, he/she's still more precious to me..."
Each year at the campmeeting Bro. Harley and Sis. Vicki share the blessing
of their togetherness by working together with God's great people.
We hope they enjoy many more.

Below are a few of those blessings. . .one in particular.
DJ Cooper Family - Marrisa, DJ and Raelyn.

This is Raelyn Cooper.
She is the Milner's great-grandchild, . .
Marcy and Shelby's grandchild. . .
DJ and Marissa's child.
For her we prayed. . .and prayed. . .and prayed.
We didn't know if she'd make it as even before birth we knew there were problems. . .
but God was so gracious to give us favor to have faith and hold on.
We haven't stopped praying. . .and God keeps on showing us He is interested in this little life.
Raelyn has a purpose.

 This is Raelyn with her daddy.
DJ was raised in church and was a real cute kid. . .a mess!
Sarah Jean was his Sunday School teacher. . .and let me tell you she did a good job!
I know I'm her mother but I was really impressed with her diligence and gift.
The kids all loved her but not one bit more than she loved them.
Her Sunday School class was her heart and soul for many years.
One day Sarah gave a lesson on how sin can look inviting and fun but it is full of evil.
How it destroys your soul.
It has a "false look" on the outside that doesn't show the sorrow inside.
Since she used object lessons to enforce the message of most lessons, she
decided on a really great one for this. . .caramel coverd onions.
She took the onions and cut them into pieces about the size of a peice of homemade candy. . .
then she made caramel and poured it over the onion pieces.
She put them on a platter and they looked so yummy!
In class when she allowed the kids to have an "masked onion treat" the
kids quickly popped them into their mouths thinking the best. . .
but like sin, they were not what they seemed. . .they were awful!
The kids were all spitting the yucky stuff into their napkins. . .
that is all but one little guy.
DJ loved the treat!
I mean he really thought they tasted good.
He wanted more and asked if he could eat those left on the platter.
I don't think he got the object lesson that day.
The other kids were amazed!
Wow, DJ was either the toughest guy in the class or the craziest.
This is a story our family loves.
We think of DJ everytime Sarah makes her real caramels.

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