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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Olivia. . .Brayden. . .Kids pics

Doug, Kristen, Olivia, Kevin, Denny, Brayden, Jonathon and Sam
Grandma Janet finally gets to hold Olivia and show her off to her church family in Humble.
They looked so cute with both wearing black and white but I couldn't get a shot where
Olivia wasn't moving.

Ashley holding Olivia while Kristen beams.

Kevin and Phillip check out ???
Kristen and Olivia. . .Happy to be in town.

Kimberly and Jaida

Rosie Martin (Eric and Robin's baby girl)

Audrey, Maya, Laura, Carolina, Bucky, George, Sophie, Kara and Kimberly
An informal get together before church on a Saturday night.
Friends and fellowship.



                         Denny holding Brayden

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