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Friday, November 19, 2010

Georgie's scripture . . .Kathryn's observation. . .Brooklyn's admonition


One of the scriptures I've been working with George on is Genesis 1:1. 
He has a hard time staying focused on quoting it back because he wants to play. 
 He was saying it for me the other day on the
front porch and he said,
"Genesis 1:1 . . .In the beginning. . .Bro. Brown created. . ."
 It was so funny! 
 I told Sarah he must have a pretty high opinion of Bro. Brown! 


I certainly enjoy my GRAND kids.  Kids say the cutest things.

Which reminds me of something Kathryn (only two at the time) said when
baby George Thomas first came home from the hospital.
He was the first boy grand child, so as Sarah was changing his diaper
with Kathryn right there beside her, very interested and observing eveything
. . .she was shocked at the difference! 
She hollered out to Becky, "Mom, him has a tail!" 

Paul, Joe and Brooklyn

 Brooklyn, around six years old at the time, was playing  with Chad and Doug's older boys
(all six and under)
in a small pool in Sarah's backyard. . . 
the boys kept splashing water in Chad's ear. 
 Brooklyn didn't think they should do that and she told them. . .
"Chad's already deaf. . .do you want him to get deaf-er and deaf-er!" 

It was so cute.

Anyway, I'll post more another time.  Right now I'm finally getting tired enough to go to bed. 
"Ain't God good to give us so many blessings. . .undeserving, that's what we are."

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