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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Laura's Confession

Thursday evening Laura Jean spent the night with us.  We had a great time doing school work
and just having Grandma/Papaw and Laura time. 

Friday afternoon while working on some mind puzzles activities,
 Laura confessed to me "Janet" was her favorite. . .I said, "Really!  Why?" 
She told me, "Janet always does nice things for me and she makes me really nice stuff." 
 I thought that was a good reason. . .
 although I must admit that I was a little disappointed not to be the "chosen one" but such is life. 
Then she proceeded to tell me, "I like Janet best except for Santa.  I like Santa really
a lot because he gives me lots of good things. . .and Jesus, I like him best of all because you're
supposed to like him the best."

Later she felt badly and told me, "Grandma I like you the same as Janet. . .and. . ." 
 then she mentioned all the rest, her mom, dad, Nana, and other 2nd class favorites. 
It was really cute. 

At Aunt Janet's after a day of making Christmas treats. 2009.
I am grateful my kids have a wonderful aunt like Janet to love.  I am glad she loves them so much too.
Jilly wasn't too happy about the picture. . .she had been in the other room playing, probably something to do with a dog, and didn't like breaking for a picture.

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