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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Day With Stan's family - Washington on the Brazos

Stan and Jesse Frank in the cotton shed.

What a fun day! We went up to meet Stan, Becky and the kids at the Washington on the Brazos park and it was the perfect weather for being outdoors. The kids were dressed in clothes for the era and Jesse got a little old fashioned toy gun to "shoot snakes and alligators".  Today he said he was "Jim", a cowboy he saw on an old program from when Tom was a kid.  

Jesse shoots turkey with play gun.

When Tom and I got to the building the kids were in Tom let me out, Jesse and the girls came running out to meet me. . .Tom was still back at the car so Jesse took off his cowboy hat and and started waving it, just like the cowboys do when they're giving a signal, and hollered, "Hello PaPaw! We're over here."  He had on his boots so he looked like a real tough guy today.

Kathryn waters grass.

These are just a few pictures of our outing. . .Becky and Stan bought our lunch and paid for our entrance into the park.

Brooklyn weaving strips of wool through burlap.

Girls and Becky at wagon. 

I am so thankful for the freedom we still have TODAY in our country. . .freedom to ride out into the country and enjoy the sunshine and pieces of history with family.
God is so good. . .I've been a very blessed woman.

Brooklyn and Jesse watching a lady spin cotton.

Jesse checking out the old "slaves cabin".

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