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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My brother, Doug

My brother, Doug is quite a guy.  He is the baby of the George/Jean Wirth family and he's always loved being in that spot.  We all love him so very much.  The one thing that makes him so special is his true concern for his family.  I don't just mean his wife, Rachel and their kids. . .but all his brothers and sisters. . .and our kids. . .and our kids' kids!  He has always taken time to make little ones feel special . . .and kids respond by thinking he's the best Uncle ever. . .my kids thought that when they were young.

                                                             Doug romping with the kids

Joe, Jilly, Kathryn, Brooklyn all keeping Doug pinned to the floor.
 I guess one of the neatest things about Doug is how he tries to take care of the whole family.  He hates to hurt any one's feelings so he will try to make sure everyone is included in whatever he's doing.  He and Rachel open their home up to whoever wants to come by. No excuses about why it would be better for you not to come by. . .just come on down and if we're not home you can use our house.
He's even helped people out with their travel expenses when he knew they really needed help.  He's just a good brother.
When Mom and Daddy were sick, Doug would come by almost everyday after work just to say, "I love you, Mom. . .How you doing?. . ." etc.  He wanted his kids to remember his parents as much as possible.  Note: Daniel, only almost two years old at the time,  was almost a "fixture" in Mom's lap the last few months of her life.  He looked so much like Daddy and he was content to just climb onto her lap and snuggle up to her. Daniel was born just a few days before Daddy passed away.  I think he was a special comfort to Mother.

Joe, Daniel, David and Paul at NASCAR event.
His gift can bless you in a church service as he thinks in analogies and his message is always one people remember. He and Rachel make a great musical team too.  All their boys can really sing.  I'm glad he married someone who loves music because he always has loved it.

Anyway, Doug, Rachel and the kids were just here last week-end and I was thinking how blessed I am to have a brother who loves people so much.

  I am so glad he comes by and spends time with us when he's in town.  I am thankful we have a place for the family to come together when he's here . . .lots of yard for all the kids to play!  Lot's of good food and fellowship. 
Alabama has one less snake!

While Doug was here this week he encouraged me in the Lord.
I could tell he encouraged the whole church with his message. . .not tomorrow, but today is the day for us to come up higher!
Thank you God for family! 

Here is a picture of Jon and Brenda's newest grandchild. . .Silas Dan Dillinger.  He has reddish hair like Emily. Isn't he adorable!

Silas Dan - Just delivered.

Just one more funny thing. . .On the way home from church we had a car load of the kids riding with us.  They were all talking and having a good time.  They talked about DVDs they liked to watch. Favorite programs of both Paul and Brooklyn were Gomer Pyle and Andy of Mayberry. They were discussing which program they like better.  Back and forth, pros and cons of each. . . when Paul said, "It's kind of like choosing between Aunt Janet and Aunt Karen. . .it's just hard to tell which one is the best."
Kids say such cute things.

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