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Monday, February 28, 2011

Idle Chatter - Fun Times

 I've been so busy with life. . .but I wanted to share one little funny story.

Doug's youngest son, David (Bucky) loves his daddy.  He and his brothers were staying at my house while his Mom and Dad were on a business trip to San Antonio last week. 

While eating breakfast one morning, for the fun of it I asked Bucky who was his favorite, his dad or me.  I knew what his answer would be, it was just idle chatter. 
Of course he said, "My Dad." 
I said, "Oh no, that makes me mad."
He says, "We...ll  Aunt Karen, my dad is bigger than you so I like him the most." 
I say, "Yes, but I am fatter than your dad." 
He says, "Yea, but I still like Dad the most." 
So then I ask him the same question about his brothers, Paul, Daniel and Joe.  Of course he likes them all better than me and he should.  I really just wanted him to talk.

Paul is getting a kick out of this and he tells me ask about Aunt Janet. 
So I say, "Bucky, who do you like best?  Me or Aunt Janet?" 
Bucky says, "Well,  I really don't like you or Aunt Janet." 
Now that was kind of shocking. . . he didn't like either of us. . . 
So I try something I know I'll win in. . ."Bucky, who do you like the best. . .me or the Devil?" 
Bucky thinks it over then responds, "The Devil." 
WHAT?  I say, "Bucky the devil is really a bad guy.  He doesn't like Jesus."  Bucky says, "OK, I like you and Aunt Janet a little better than the devil but I still like him."

Anyway, kids just say things that are so unexpected!  I'm not sure who he thought the devil was but when his dad came back to town he went out and asked him, "Dad, do you like me or the devil the best?"  Doug was confused as to why he'd ask such a wild question.  He said, "You, of course." 

So I guess this pretty well explains why we shouldn't waste our words in idle chatter. . .you may just find out you're way, way down on the your nephew's list of favorite people. . .or you might be just a little better than the devil.

Paul's the 1st to top the pole.

Uncle Tom and Bucky play Corn Hole

We had lots of fun with Doug's boys.  On Monday, Sarah and her kids came over to play with the boys.  Fredrick, Otella, Cherish and Caitlin McClenaghan came by and stayed  for the afternoon.  The kids played hard on the play set Tom made for them.  They climbed all over it and slid down the pole like firemen. They rode bicycles and played "corn hole". (A bag toss game.) Caitlin was a pleasure to talk with.  She exhibits a sweet, gentle spirit as she watches over her younger siblings.

On Tuesday, the boys and I (and) Sarah and her kids went over to Becky's house.  The kids played all afternoon.  It was another fun day with Becky's four and all the others having a blast playing together.  Becky's yard is so big the kids got lots of exercise running from one activity to the next. . . they even gathered eggs from the chickens which was a real treat!

I am so thankful for the times we can share with family and friends in this wonderful land the Lord created!  What a wonderful world! . . .just think how wonderful heaven will be!

Joe and Daniel on the lookout.

Daniel climbs the wall.
Note: This play center isn't completed. Some of the objects are temporary.

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Karla said...

It sounds like and looks like they all had tons of fun. Family is a good thing. :o)