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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stan's 36! / Sarah's Handcuffed - The Story

Hey Pardner. . .It's My Birthday So Wish Me A Happpy One!

That's our boy, Stan.  He turned 36 years old on March 7, 2011!
It seems like only a few years ago we were bringing him home from the hospital to meet his thirteen-month-old sister, Sarah.

What a lot of joy these kids brought to our home!
There were days when I thought they were the most wonderful kids ever . . .
But there were also days when I wondered if any could be worse!
I just wanted to let the Lord know that I am so thankful for allowing me to find a good husband. . .
who blessed me with two wonderful children. . .
which in turn allowed me the opportunity to be a
 "Mother". . . 
* nurse *teacher *tour guide *judge *lawyer *activity planner *party host *coach *cook *maid *chauffeur *mechanic  *story teller *prayer warrior *guard *song leader and more!

These are all positions that mothers are sometimes called upon to fill in the course of a regular day.  I can't imagine how bland my life would have been without them.
Mother. . .What a wonderful calling! 
I love my kids. . . and their kids. . . and kids in general.
Children really are a blessing from the Lord!

A true cowboy story.
One Christmas or birthday Stan had requested a set of handcuffs.
His dad didn't want to get the cheap, junky, fall apart ones, so
he purchased some real ones that came with a set of keys.
They really worked too. . .the more you tried to get out of them the tighter they became.
Well, Stan's friend, Sammy Callaway was over to our house
and the boys were playing cowboys. 
They got Sarah to play with them and were using the new handcuffs. 
Sarah was the outlaw. . .she was captured by the good guys and handcuffed to a small tree
in the back yard. . .Here's where the problem comes in.
The cowboys went off to look for more outlaws in the woods behind our house and forgot all about poor Sarah.
I was in the kitchen working when I thought I heard someone calling.
When I looked out the door I saw Sarah with her back against the tree and her hands
firmly cuffed on the opposite side of it. She looked very hot and tired.
She had been there for quite a long time.  The boys had quit playing cowboys and
started another activity, completely forgetting about her!
She was a good sport though as the cowboys finally set her free!

This is my handsome husband, Tom. . .each day we draw closer to the "End of the Trail". . .
and I must say many of our "Dreams" have come true!
Thank God for a husband who loves the Lord enough to honor his wife and cherish their children.
I am blessed!

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