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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something BEAUTIFUL Happened 12 Years Ago

Stan holding baby Brooklyn

Can you imagine the joy of finding that your first grandchild is on the way!  Can you imagine being invited in to see the ultra-sound of this new creation and being told by the nurse it's a girl, but the parents not wanting to be told or for anyone else to know what the baby's gender was!  That was a very, very difficult secret for me to keep.  I had to be very careful what clothes I bought for the baby or else I'd give the gender away. People knew that I knew so they'd pressure me to tell them. . .but I couldn't because I'd made a promise to keep it a secret.  Some secrets are just too good to have to keep.  I can only try to imagine poor "Mary's" plight in trying to "ponder all the things the angel of the Lord told her about the baby she was going to birth" without shouting it to the world.

Before Brooklyn was even conceived, I dreamed I had a little blue eyed, blond headed granddaughter.  In my dream she was about two years old.  It wasn't long after that the kids told me they were expecting and then when Brooklyn was born I knew this was my little dream come true.

Brooklyn 12

Something very beautiful happened in my life twelve years ago on the 25th of April. . .Brooklyn!
Up until then I'd been a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. . .but that very day in 1999
I became the GRANDmother of a GRANDchild.
She was so beautiful.  Her big eyes so alert.
The first night she came home, which was the very day she was born in the birthing center,
her Aunt Sarah and I stayed overnight to help care for her.
(This was very sweet of her mother to allow since I couldn't bear to leave her so soon.)
We held her to our hearts as she slept through her first night on our chest. . .we only turned her over to her mother for the  feedings.
That very night our hearts were enlarged!  We were able to make room for this new little being and love just exploded as it grew so rapidly. 
Our whole focus was on this new little life.

I've always loved the fact that my grand kids love me.
I really want them to both love and feel loved.
Brooklyn has always been a sweetheart working with the other kids who came after her.
She reads them books and plays with them.  She teaches them.
Brooklyn will always help set up the meal, clean up the room,
or just run and get what we need.
She loves to draw and she's good at it just like her Dad, Papaw Peach and Grandma Willa Peach. . .she comes from a long line of artists.
Brooklyn also has a lovely voice and sings with warmth and feeling.
She is known in the family as one who will take time for the younger kids
or kids with a special need. . .she can make each one feel special.
That's what I'd call having character. . .good character.

Now, my sweet little first-in-a-long-line of GRAND kids is twelve!
Next year she'll be a teenager. . .and then we'll turn around and she'll be graduating. . .
and then. . .
Oh my, life just keeps moving along. . .
it doesn't slow down just because I am.

I am so thankful God gave us Brooklyn!
We could have lost her last year. Her appendix burst in July, but God was watching out for her.
I am so thankful!

It is my greatest desire that she will give her whole heart, soul, mind and strength to the service of the Lord.
I don't care if she's rich, or if she has a tan, or if her nails are manicured.
I don't care if she has the latest style in clothing or if she makes the highest grades.
I want her to grow into the full character of Christ.
I want her to have friendship and fellowship with Jesus.
I want her to live forever. . .and she's got the Holy Ghost to help her.
It's my desire that she would say, "Take this whole world, but give me Jesus!  
I have decided to follow Him and I won't turn back."

July 2010 - Stan, Becky and Four of my Beautiful GRANDs!

This is Travis, #8 . . .another sweet GRAND. . .I am blessed.

"The longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows.
The more that I love Him more love He bestows.
Each day is like heaven, my heart overflows!
The longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows."  (Gaither )

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