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Friday, April 29, 2011

Lord, I Want to Thank You Again. . .and Again.

Joey, Kristen, Kevin and Brooklyn - in the beginning. . .
Just want to say how thankful I am that all these precious people are safe after the storm!

Kevin looks small compared to the uprooted tree!

These are beautiful children of the Lord and I'm thankful HE watched out for them as the HUGE tornado raged and took so many lives yesterday in Alabama.

Doug and Rachel Wirth
  Doug and Rachel were out of town ( in Texas) for business. . . 
Kristen and Kevin took
shelter with his folks, Derrick and Maria Sargent. . .the main thing being all are safe.  After talking to his pastor, Doug found out
everyone there had made it through without loss of person or property. 
Praise God!
 Update: A man who used to attend services there long ago was killed in this huge storm.
He is related to some of the church folks.

Bro. & Sis. Sharber - Springville, AL - Doug's pastor

"Lord, I want to thank you, again and again.
Lord, I want to thank you again.
Though I have told you, oft times before. . .
Lord, I want to thank you again." . . .and so does my sister, Janet. ;-

Joe, Daniel, Paul and David (Bucky) Wirth

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