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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kevin and Kristen sitting in a tree. . .

Michael and Kristen Riggs - Janet's beautiful babies.

Kevin and Kristen sitting in a tree. . .
First comes love. . .
Then comes marriage. . .
Then comes Kristen with a baby carriage!

And folks, right now Kristen IS the baby's carriage.
We are so happy for the Sargent's.
Kevin and Kristen both love kids and kids love them.
I KNOW they will be wonderful parents.
I am sure Kevin's folks are e-x-c-i-t-e-d and Kristen's mom will have to have her wallet
hidden from her for the rest of her life. . .
or else baby stores will be booming!

Laura Jean is telling everyone the baby is a girl. . .like it's a fact. . .and then they ask me. . .
I say she barely found out she's expecting. . .we won't know for a few months.

George Thomas playing the drums in Doug's music room.  Springville, Alabama 2011
Now the girls will be swooning over him. . .he's not only handsome but he can play the drums too!

Joe bowling at Doug's house in Alabama 2011 as Laura and "Bucky" watch him.

Sarah Jean, holding Travis while Kimberly Jo spins out. . .Daniel in backgroun with some of the church people
between services in Springville, Alabama. 2011
I've got lots more to post but I haven't had the time. . .so later. . .

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