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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just some funnies. . .Chihuahua for ladies only. . .

Brooklyn, Kathryn and Jilly

Brooklyn was telling me a funny story the other day.  It seems Jilly and Kathryn were in the room playing but they'd been really quiet for a while. . . so Brooklyn went to make sure they weren't getting into her stuff.  Brooklyn peeked in the door and saw them sitting on the floor talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up. 

Jilly said, "You know, sometimes I don't even want to grow up." 
Kathryn replied, "Well. . .I definitely want to."  Jilly asked, "Why?"  Kathryn answered, "Well so I can get married, have a boy friend, have a cell phone,  a car. . .and wear a bra!"

Don't you love the things kids say. . .and the way they say them.

George Thomas Hanna 2010

Sarah was getting the kids ready for church the other day.  George was taking a shower.  Sarah was in the other bathroom bathing Kimmie Jo and Travis.  They were finishing up and Sarah called out to check on George's progress.  "Have you washed George?  Are you finished?"
He responds, "Mom, I have washed "every living thing" on my body."  

Then a story of several years back when Brooklyn was just about 6 years old.  The people at the front of our neighboring lot had opened one of those "Taco Stands" that are on wheels. We couldn't believe people were stopping there to get food, it looked so dirty.  They had it open and several people were sitting around the outside of it in lawn chairs.   Janet, Brooklyn and I drove past it on our way out the driveway.  One of the ladies sitting outside had on a halter top/bra and she was a sight!  W e saw a Chihuahua dog going into the booth where they were cooking. . . in and out. . .in and out. . .panting. . .Ugh!  Janet and I both said, "That is so gross, that Chihuahua, I'd never eat there!" 

It was several weeks later  while sitting in Monterey's,  Brooklyn who was looking around at the waitresses said to her Aunt Janet, "Do you think they're all going to put on their Chihuahuas and go out on the parking lot dancing?"  Janet said, "What are you talking about?"   Brooklyn  says, "You know, like that lady at the taco stand wearing the chihuahua.  That was so gross, that chihuahua."  Janet said, "Chihuahua!  What do you think a Chihuahua is?"  Brooklyn said, "You know. . .the thing that lady was wearing. . .(as she gestured with her hands across her chest) . . .in the taco stand."
We laughed and laughed as we finally understood what she was thinking.  She thought the Chihuahua was the bra/halter top the lady was wearing.   She didn't realize it was the dog.
What really grossed her out about the taco stand
was the lady in the chihuahua!

So, for all the years since that time we've  called that very personal item worn by women of all ages a "Chihuahua".  It's a Brooklyn joke.

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