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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Becky (Wright). . .June 4th, 2011

Rebecca June Wright

Sometimes in life I just need to stop, smell the flowers and realize the blessings the Lord has given me.
Everyday I tend to walk right by a beautiful flower and fail to see it's rich color or smell it's sweet fragrance.  I take them for granted because they just keep doing their job. . .
 looking beautiful, smelling sweet and adding color to my life.

Well, I have friendships like that. . . and one special lady is having her birthday today.
 Through the years she's added beauty, color and sweet aroma to my world. 
She's been a friend when I was broke, or when I had money. 
She was faithful to help me when I had sickness or faced death. 
This friend was always "there" for me when I needed her. 
If I had a new baby, she was excited for me and loved my kids. . .
then years later when I had my grand kids she treated them like they were her own. 
This dear friend would watch my kids in times of emergency, take Stan on trips across the country with her son, and I could trust my child to be safe in her company. 
She really loved my parents, my brothers and my sister. 
She helped my old "home church" in a time of great shaking. 
 She was willing to share her most valuable commodity with me, her T-I-M-E.
 This friend not only helped me, but she allowed me to share her burdens and her victories. I felt not only the benefits of having a friend, but of being a friend. 
 I will always cherish the years we've worked and enjoyed life together through the years. 

We're getting older, but our friendship is still a treasure. . .a valuable treasure. 
I guard it because it's something I'd never want to lose or handle lightly.  I never want to forget it's value. 
 I hope it is a bond that can never be broken by any of the enemy's devices.  
This fine lady is not only a great wife to one of my pastors, she is a "forever friend". 

Today I want to wish Sis. Becky Wright,  a very Happy Birthday and many more in the years ahead.  
May the Lord bless her as she's blessed others.
(Note: I posted this a few days early.)

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