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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Travis Is "1" - Happy Birthday Dear Travis!

 God's Blessings on You. . .God's Blessings on You. . .God's blessings, God's blessings. ..
God's blessings on You. . .Travis.
Travis looking at his candle!  Let it shine.

Today little Travis Easton Hanna is one year old!  Yes, he's already one. . .time flies.
He is such a doll and a joy to have in our family.
His brother and sisters certainly do love him.
I pray this little guy will grow up to be a productive servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I bless him with the strength of character to be able to stand for righteousness and light in a world getting darker on a daily, maybe hourly basis.  I bless Travis that he will be able to cut through all the evil growth  in the world and find the pathway of life.

I pray that Travis always cleans "his plate" spiritually as he's done naturally in the picture below.  It was cake, so it was easy to enjoy. . .but I pray when the men of God serve up something that is totally "meat" or "medicine" he will still eat the "whole Book".

Travis cleans his plate. . .umm...umm. . .good!

The Happy Hanna Family 2011
Kimmie,Sarah, Laura, Chad holding Travis and George


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