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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two letters from March 2009 - There is a cause. . .for such a time as this.

Please note: These are serious letters I wrote to my kids and younger siblings in March of 2009.  I read them again today and I know the Lord inspired me to write them.  I was troubled all during the night before I wrote the 1st letter.  The Lord kept waking me and talking to my heart.  I wanted to share the experience of what I felt with any others who wanted to read.  I hope they will inspire. 

1st letter. . .
I just wanted you to know that I had a very troubled night with many awakenings.  It seemed like the Lord was impressing me to make sure to teach my grand kids  important stories of the Bible, like Daniel, the Hebrew boys, etc.... and not only the story but the way they responded after being taken into captivity by the Babylonian county that served other gods and lived a different lifestyle.  These young people had the truth planted deeply into their lives in so much that they made the correct choices even when their parents weren't around to help them.  They didn't go around stirring up strife by criticizing those in rule but they wouldn't break their convictions.  They didn't bow to the image....Daniel didn't stop praying....these people didn't try to take up any kind of defense to fight physically for their freedom....they just yielded their lives over completely to the Lord and the Lord took care of them.
I know when Bro. Patton used to tell us not to invest in stock markets or etc....but to invest in God and His people...because God keeps good records and He will make a way for you when everything else fails.  I know that really was a message that lodged in my heart and the Lord has taken care of me even though we don't have savings or retirement.....we do have Jesus and as long as we live we can depend on Him to see us through if we obey His instructions about giving and sharing what we have.  Many people have lost lots of money and I feel very sorry for them because it is so unjust, but this world is unjust and God wants us to focus on HIM, not the world. 

Some trust in chariots, but some use the chariots but know they better trust the Lord.  Our strength isn't in natural things or armor....but to be clothed in the armor of the Lord.

I know it seems like right now a lot of really "heavy" things are being said at church, but what is important is they're true things that can help you lead your family into everlasting life.  You might not want to hear these truths because it's kind of scary.....you might feel like you can protect your family better another way.....but outside of TRUTH there is not a hope for safety.  In the night I thought about how upset I was with God for letting Daddy and Mother die with cancer.....how I argued with Him....how I felt like He didn't love me enough....BUT then  I realized HE loved them more than I did....HE made the world.....HE is the one who gave us a chance to find life eternal....HE has a better plan than I could ever have and I had better just ask HIM to let me agree with HIS PLAN.  Jesus even didn't want to be nailed to a cross.....it was a "heavy" situation for him and if there was a way he didn't want it to happen...he wanted it to pass... he wanted to live and be accepted without having to yield to the will of his father....but after he'd prayed and sweat great drops (of blood) he said "NOT MY WILL BUT THINE". 

You can't "fix" our nation....just like Jesus couldn't "fix" Jerusalem....He loved that place.  It was dear to Him.  But it was time for a sacrifice to be made and in that sacrifice, we, the Gentiles were given the chance to get the Truth, the Holy Ghost and live for many years in a land of freedom.  (Although much of those years were rough for the early settlers,)  WE, like Jesus, have to pray, not my will but thine be done IN ME.  We can either agree and work with him, or disagree with Him and work against his plan for us and for this time of history.  We can either get busy and teach our children the truths that will help them make the right choices no matter if something happens to take us out of the picture....or we can teach them to trust in the arm of man and then they will have no hope.

The safest place you can put your children is in the hands of the Lord and the ministry.  Do all you can to pray for our leaders in this world but especially in the church.  Don't tear them down to your kids because they need to be able to turn to them in times of trouble. 

Our children deserve to see their parents "SERVE" and "BELIEVE" that God has the very best answer to every problem.  That eternal life is much more important than this temporal one.  That we can live forever. 

I love you and I want you to take a stand for Jesus like you've never taken before.  Give HIM your energy, your mind and your ambitions.....let Him make you into a great witness in faithfulness in every area of your life.  You were born at this time for a reason.....And God knows just what to give you to face each day of life in VICTORY.  I love you and I have confidence that you will let HIM direct your path....because it's the only way.
2nd letter. . . 
I felt this way may be a better way to express what I felt in the night Sunday.......
"Teach our kids to focus on what they've been offered.....eternal life..............
and not what they may not get......the kind of freedom we've lived in.......
Teach them to face the facts of the options ahead of them.....
......serve the Lord.....life eternal
......serve the world.....certain death and no Savior to deliver or help them
Like Karen Silence's song said, "You're gonna serve somebody, who will it be?"

Our kids need to see us / watch us daily making choices to serve the Lord and to see that we really BELIEVE HE WILL REWARD THE FAITHFUL.

The truth is, even if we don't like the way the world is moving....the way politics are moving...God is in control and if we agree with Him or not, it won't change what happens to this world.  Our ONLY HOPE is being on HIS SIDE in the battle and teaching our children the same.  Teach them how to hold a belief sacred without going out and grabbing a "dog by the ears"......and causing persecution .....but at the same time, never ever bowing to the gods of this world when push comes to shove.

Anyway, I really think we need to get busy and ask the Lord for help to prepare our children, to equip them with the full armor of the Lord so they can stand.  The Lord will give them the courage they need....more courage than we've had because HE always gives strength when it's needed.

I hope you see what I'm saying because I really feel like we have a job to do right now, right in our own homes.  We need to influence others we love to "work while it is still day" because the night is coming and it will be much harder to teach the principles and doctrines we know to those we love without a much higher price.  Even children will be asked (eventually) to "rat" on their parents, grandparents, etc......They need to be taught what to say to an evil authority and what not to say....they need to know all authorities aren't working for their good.  It will be hard for them to keep silent when other children are rewarded for exposing their parent's religious beliefs.....so  we've got to help them learn the truth and for that job WE NEED THE LORD.

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