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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

60. ..60?. .60! Happy Birthday Vicki Sizemore

 An OLD Friend's birthday. . .Victoria turned 60.
She has been family to us ever since Stan married Becky.  We've shared good times and sad times. . .we've helped one another through rough places and victories. My grandkids actually call them "Gram and Pap" like Becky and Stan's do.  Here is a picture with Vicki, her grands and her extended grands. 

I love Vicki and Cecil.  They are great people to have as in-laws.  Vicki has always been ready to help Stan's family in times of crisis with one of the kids.  She also has some big family dinners that are a treat to attend.  Vicki is a hard worker with a lovely home where she makes you feel very welcome.  She's a coke collector and her home is full of neat treasures.
(Note: the banner was made by Tom in a coke-a-cola style)

Here she is with her mother, Sis. Johnson.  Her daddy (Grandpapa) was too sick to get to come. 
Be sure and keep him in your prayers
. . .he has been on this journey for a long time working for the Lord and blessing God's people.
 Bro. & Sis. Johnson have fed and kept many, many people of the Lord in their home.

Gram & Pap Sizemore, Grandmama Johnson

Blessings and more blessings in the years ahead!

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