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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Janet. . .head and shoulders, knees. . .but her toes are still up for grabs!

Here are a few pictures of Janet with her arms full of love bundles. . .sometimes overloaded. . .the only place
open is her toes and even they get trampled on often.  It's her own fault for having such a great big heart loaded with love for our kids.  ;)

Janet with Sophie, Kimmie and Maya 2011

They just celebrated their 14th Anniversary!

Janet watching over baby Kimberly while Laura is big-sistering. . .2009

Janet picking up a large load, George. 2009

Brooklyn and Janet finger spelling. 2011

Yes, she is always "doing" something for our family. . .arms and heart wide open in love.

She just celebrated her 54th birthday and she still is very young at heart.
Now. . .before long she will be having a new little Sargent to hold in her arms. . .Blessings dear sister.

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