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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jilly is 8 years old!

So, what's going on at the Peach house. . .the Stan Peach house. . .
Well, Jilly just turned 8 years old.
She is quite a girl. . .loves to read, play and just be a kid.
She's a great young lady with a lot of bubbly giggles to share.
It is my desire that she will use her beautiful singing voice, and her excellent mind to bless others.
I know she will grow into a beautiful woman of character, a Proverbs 31 woman. . .
but for now I am so happy to watch her enjoy being a kid.

I also wanted to let you know I am getting so many grand kids we're having to stack them
up so they'll all fit in my house. . .
Well, something like that.
 Maybe it's just kids having too good of a time
climbing the walls.
Daddy used to let us do the same thing when we were kids.
Tom said his family never did anything like that.
See the picture below.

Brooklyn, Kathryn and Jilly all climbing the walls!
Grandchildren are a grandmother's delight.

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