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Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's a . . .(drum roll). . . Princess! - Emily Jane


Coming soon. . .another princess "arriving" in a family close to you! 

 The doctor's made the call. . .It's a Girl!
Just wanted to say keep your eyes open for a bundle of pink
  sometime in February. . .her exact arrival will be up to the princess herself.

Jilly's dream and Brooklyn's were both correct, it's a girl.
Jesse has decided he doesn't mind having a sister. . .it's not a "bad dream"
but a wonderful opportunity for him to use that protective male instinct he possesses.

The kids were able to see the ultra-sound.
Our little princess had her ankles crossed in the pictures.
Now we are wondering, will she have blond hair. . .or brown. . .or red?
Will it be curly like Pap's and Papaw's. . . or straight?
Will her eyes be blue or brown. . .
That's life - one question answered and we start seeking for more.

Just wanted to share the news.

Two pretty girls - Becky and Kathryn  2010 

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