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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jesus, the line leader. . .Don't breathe until the lights come on

Tom and I got back very late Sunday night  from a trip to Kentucky and Southern Illinois.
We had a good time and I'll tell you more about it all later. . .just want to record a few little stories
before I forget them and they drift off into that unknown place of "things I wanted to remember".

This is a picture of Jesse Frank playing with Jesus and his disciples.
On the table is a partially eaten muffin directly in front of Jesse. 
Becky and the girls heard him
 in the school room playing with the figures saying. . .
"No, no! I don't want to go through that muffin.". . .
then as alternate
figure. . ."You must go through the muffin. . .you must." . . .
then, "But I don't want to go through the muffin.". . .
Then the other figure says, "You have to 'cause God says so." 
 (I guess he was relating it to the firey furnace. . .muffins do come from the oven?)
Later he said something about the disciples following Jesus because he
was the "line leader".  He's got that right!

Laura, George, Chad, Travis and Kimberly Oct 2011
This a picture of the Hanna family. .  excepting Sarah (who was taking the picture).
They  finally had a really good rain storm here in the Houston area and the Hanna's lights went out.
Sarah lit a candle and decided to have a "creative memory moment" roasting marshmallows over
the candle on the kitchen tile flooring.
All was going fine until Laura leaned in to tell her mother something and the gush of air from her speaking caused the flame to go out. . .thus they were in the dark.
After re-lighting the candle, Sarah explained why the flame went out to the kids.
Yes, it was Sarah's breath.
Little George said, "Okay, everybody!  No more breathing in the house until the lights come on.'

I know. . . I know. . .my grand kids really are just adorable! (he-he)
I just love the things kids come up with. . .I've got lots more to put online but not enough time
right now. . .more later.

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