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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thinking about Emma. . .

Emma and Jilly 2010 After Church

Little Miss Emma cleaning the church. . .sharing the burden.

Emma not feeling too well. . .just two days ago.

Just had Emma on my mind and wanted to post this picture of her cleaning the church.
She wanted me to take it that night and I thought then I'd get around to taking
pictures of the other "grand" kids working and post them
all at the same time on my Blog. . .
but I didn't get the other pictures taken so she'll just get featured alone.

We are praying for her to get better and out of the hospital soon.
She has a swollen lymh node on her neck from her tonsils being infected. . .they will be removed
after the infection has gone down. . .or at least that was the last report.
She is a very precious part of our extended- family.

Emma is one of the twins of Chad and Shaelyne Wright's three girls. . .granddaughter of Gary and Becky Wright. . .Cecil and Vicki Sizemore
Anna, Kathryn, Emma, Jilly & Laura 2010

Jesse and Abby 2010

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