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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some noticible changes. . .

          "Yes sir, that's her baby. . . No sir, I don't mean maybe."

 Just wanted to note there were some visible changes in
Kristen's waiste line! She got to come up to Mt. Carmel
with Doug and Rachel for the chowder. . .and see her
dear old mother and dad plus other family members.

I must say she certainly looked lovely.
I am always glad to see her smiling face.  I am so thankful
she has a husband that loves her and that she loves.

Janet was very, very, very happy to get to see "her" baby!
Thanks Kevin for sharing her with us.

Kristen and Janet watching the kids eat doughnuts on a string.  (Not quite as healthy as apples on a string.)

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