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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Emma update. . .keep praying for her.

Here's an update on Emma. . the doctors said the tests show she doesn't have mono. . .
but her liver and spleen are enlarged.
As of last night the tests hadn't revealed the problem. . .
but Shaelyne said she's for sure something's going on.
Let's all keep lifting her up to the Lord.
Emma prays for people when she hears about their sicknesses. . .
it's one of the sweet little things her mother tells about her. . .
so let's take her on our hearts and pray that she can get back up to par.
Pray for the whole family as "stress" can sure take a toll on our comfort zone. . .
but we don't have to allow it to take our v-i-c-t-o-r-y!

Dear Lord,
We really don't know what is going on a lot of the time in our very own lives.
We don't know the purposes you have for the situations you allow us to confront.
We don't know the end from the beginning of a trial.
We can't see around the bend. . .
But like Rachel's song, If we can just see enough light for that next step . . .
we'll take it and walk by faith, not sight.
Or like Sybil White-Anderson's song, if we can feel His hand in our hand we'll be alright.
We believe, help our unbelief.

P.S. Lord, we do remember when you helped Chad when he was just a little guy.

I KNOW you love ME, LORD!

Abby, Anna and Emma


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