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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Duke Hodgson

Yes we had a scarecrow at the Chowder. . .two of
them but I can't find one of my pictures.  This is Duke.
He looks kind of like the prodigal son on his way home.   (Note: I found my picture of the other scarecrow and put it here below.)

Found it. . .this is Duke's brother,
assistant pastor Brandon Hodgson.
I'll mostly just let the pictures do the story of a great
day of fellowship and fun in Oreo, IL. . .just outside
Mt. Carmel.

Beverly Peach
Family and friends were everywhere. It was a perfect day with just the right
temp for everyone to be happy. . .not too cold, not too hot, not to windy but just right.

Aunt Barb and Uncle Waldo Wright

Uncle Waldo was showing everyone pictures
of his show truck his son-in-law fixed up for him.
It was awesome.

Aunt Betty Adams
Aunt Betty was having a blast just watching
all the kids do the relay races and egg run. There were lots of things for the kids to do.

Yes, that handsome man in the baseball cap is Doug.
Big Jon Wirth and Big John Cooley were enjoying the day. 

Mary and Will grandparenting.
Emmett Cooley . . .he was WALKING around enjoying the attention.
Erin was just being her pretty self. . .laughing and telling funny stories at the table.

Debbie (Bump) Cross and her family in background. . .an old friend who would take me
to Jim's after school and taught me to eat ketchup on my potato chips!
With only $0.25 worth of gas we were able to all around town!
Derick and Phillip Cross spectatin'. . .

Some folks ate just a little too much chowder and sampled just a few too many pies.

Tom singing, "Just Like He Did For Little David" to a very attentive audience.

Paul with his donut moustache and friends.

Daniel in the middle of a swipe to his powdered sugar face.

Sam (works for Big Jon's and Emily's good friend). . .Abby and Christa

A bunch of the youth after the scare crow stuffing.
Christina, Marissa and Denise

Emily and Abby get into the race.

Bob, John, Tom and Jon

Janet and Kristen. . .happy Momma

Nicole and the baby.

Margaret pushing the cart.

Jed and the Wood's boy get ready to go.

Tyler and Abby. .
The Filban's, Leona and Sis. Ruthie with her great-grand.
Not much but just a little cheating. . .can't waste that donut!
Christa, Joe and Linda. . .all in the race to finish the donuts on a string.
So much more but that's it for me.
My computer will be complaining over all these pictures being loaded.
I  have more but maybe another day.

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