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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kathryn Renae had a birthday!

Getting ready for the candles.

Having siblings is great for birthday fun.

This is the cake that Kathryn actually made and decorated herself! Awesome.

Here is the family Kathryn shares her "palace" with.

                                     Monday was the birthday of a very special young lady, Kathryn Renae Peach.
                                                                     She turned six years old. . .six. . .yes, six.
                            Time just flies by and I am amazed that it was six years ago that I only had four grand babies.
                    Sarah only had one child, Laura just a month old, but we were all there for Kathryn's entrance into the world.
Kathryn was a big bundle of baby. . .strong from the beginning.
Through the years she's climbed everything and been able to swing from bars, etc.
She's not afraid to try almost any acrobatic endeavor.
Kathryn is in first grade and she's a pretty "sharp cookie!"

       I pray that she will always choose Jesus above all the other things she's offered in this world.
         I pray that she will be a sure footed Christian able to follow Jesus no matter how rough or rocky the road.
        I pray that she will never ever deny the Lord or bow to the false images of this world.

And now for one more birthday girl, Sophia Joice Wyrick, my little niece turned four, yes four on Monday.
Janet and I actually have two grand kids with the same birthday only in different years.
Janet's first granddaughter Annabelle was born on my first granddaughter, Brooklyn's birthday. . .
Then Sophie was born on Sophie's.
And for the record, Kristen (Janet's daughter) was born on her brother (Sam's son) David's birthday.
I guess the Lord just wanted to make sure we all really became one family!  And we did.
Anyway, I just wanted to say how thankful we are for Sophie.
She had us all very worried in the waiting room the day she was born. . .and then for a few days we still we
watching and praying. . .but God allowed her to prosper!
I just thank Him for the blessing of Sophie and she's a real sweetheart.

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