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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kimmie Jo. . .Signing in her sleep. . .

Kimberly Jo Hanna 2011
Hello to all....

Thought this was too cute to keep to myself..... and I'm depending on one of you to remember this so you'll be albe to tell it to her when she is older. And... since I don't "blog" ... you can consider this a "once-in-a-while-e-blog"..ha..

Well.. we have started schooling Laura. I get everyone up with a cd ( the same cd) playing. There are 12 short songs, and the goal is to be up, dressed, bed made and the morning chore done before the music ends. This is our 2nd week of having this routine, so it's starting to become "routine".  This morning, after Chad left for work, I went up and started the "cd". ( I usually turn it up pretty loud... you can consider it the kids' alarm clock)  The first song that comes on is " Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed". Everybody is out, but I start going to their beds and rubbing them and waking them. Laura is first... then I go to Kimberly. She is pretty out of it. But, it's becoming a "routine" so her mind is kicking in gear...just not all of her body. She's laying there in bed..eyes closed...out of it... but subconciously she is hearing...."Five little monkeys jumping on the bed".... she loves to sing this when she's awake... and .... when she's still half out.  SO, she's in her bed.. and I see her say  "bed"........"doctor"......."no more"......."4 monkeys"......I had to stay there and watch. Not wake her all the way up to see how long she would keep doing this. OF course, the moment didnt' last long enough, but it will in my mind.

Hope you all can picture her doing this. Too funny.


The above note was from Sarah several weeks ago.  I have been meaning to get it posted
but I'm so far behind as having eight wonderful grand kids and one on the way.
It keeps me busy posting just a few of their precious memories plus
those of all my little nephews and neices. . .busy, busy, busy with sweet little
daily happenings.  
Here is another picture of Sarah's kids helping (?) in her kitchen.
Chad and Sarah did the cabinet painting which really looks good too.

Laura, George and Kimberly Hanna 2011

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