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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby Olivia Gets a Texas Shower!

Here's the beautiful table set up with Becky's "birds nest" cake and Autumn's cup cakes.

Becky, Brooklyn and the girls made
the center pieces for the tables.
They were adorable and the little
kids loved eating the 'eggs' in the nests.

I'm not sure who made the punch. . .maybe Davita. . .I know she bought the napkins and plates. ..
Then there were candy homemade mints, chocolate and peanut butter dipped pretzels, and
the white chocolate dipped cookies made by Grandmother Janet. (she had to do something)
Uncle Peachy made the banner.

Now this was a combination of Becky's design and Stan's
cooking. . .tacos with the trimmings and beans. . .or
Sarah's cheese dip over chips. . .or a combination. . .
There's lettuce and fresh off the grill tortillas under the foil.
Very Good!

Now, first off I want to say I wasn't feeling well the night of the shower.
I'm at home right now because I can't get over this bad cough and I don't want to spread this to others.
Last night I had to go out of church coughing three times and that is not good.
I am feeling better. . .but that night of the shower I counldn't even talk my throat was so bad.
So, I failed to get pictures "after" the event started. . .only before.
I don't have pictures of everyone and I intended to get them.
I have only one of them opening gifts thanks to Tom taking it on his phone.
But I'll share what I've got.
Thanks to all who made this shower a success.

Some of the sweet "early birds" who arrived before I did. 
Mae, Selina, Ruth, Aline and Joy


 Olivia's parents. . .Kevin and Kristen Sargent

 Brooklyn, Jesse and Stan

Just some of the good folks at the shower. 

Chad, Laura, Jaida, Sarah and Travis 

Makaela, Karla and Nev 

Tom telling everyone to listen to Stan.

Jillian, Becky, Mae Dunevant, Selina Silence

Kristen, Carissa, Becky, Rachel

Maya, Davita, Janet, Sophie and Sam 

And. . .for the final picture, the one Tom took of Kevin opening his very
favorite gift. . .Two Texas Longhorn outfits for the
daughter of a die-hard Alabama man!

Some of the younger people stayed around and visited for quite a while after they'd cleaned up. . .
It was a sweet evening.

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