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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A "Christmas Letter" from Sarah. . .


Well... today we bought our Christmas tree.. and its' outside on the porch drying off.  The kids are taking a nap and I am listening to the Statler Brothers Christmas that mom and dad always played when we were little. So far this year when I have listened... which is about 2 times... I have started tearing up. It seems like every year Christmas comes and goes and there is something missing.  I guess it's like Bill Gothard always said  about  the first time you experience something, that it's hard to compete with. For me, I think that not going to Mt. Carmel, Ill for Christmas and seeing Grandma and Papaw makes everything not seem right. ( Glad I can type this cuz I wouldn't be able to say it without bawling)  It doesn't seem right!! I can remember that year that everybody got to be home and Grandma's long wall was loaded with presents!!!  From side to side, and about from top to bottom.  I remember us pulling up to their house and the first thing Papaw would offer me was a bite of Grandma's caramel. ( I still make it.... but, it's not the same.... always seeing his face light up as he would watch me eat it.) Ohh.... I do miss them!!!   Just being there.  Papaw would always take us sledding. That's so much more  meaningful to me now that I have kids and knowing how much goes into just getting all the clothes together.  Their old  freezer room. I loved to go in there and just see how long I could stand there with bare feet.  So many memories.  Sleeping on the hide-a-bed couch..... sleeping on that old blue "fold-a-bed"... waking up to snow. Going walking and making fresh foot prints in the snow.  
I guess our kids will grow up with their " first experiences" and nothing will feel like Christmas without their grandma and papaw.  I hope they cherish each memory.  
Well, my tears are all dried up now. I'm not much of a writer, so for me this is "alot". Just after hearing those songs, I felt like I wanted to make sure that everybody knows how much I miss being " that little girl". Thanks for being a family ...my family... that has always shown so much love.
I guess in Heaven... we can have CHristmas together one more time... smile!!  Only this time, they will get to see how much we multiplied ( birthwise.... not size

Merry Christmas to you all!!...
Love, Sarah 11/26/2011

Kiss in the kitchen
Sarah's Grandma and Papaw Wirth
Love makes a happy home!

What a wonderful letter to get from a daughter!
What a blessing.

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