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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Herman Cain and our Kristen on stage. . .

Our Kristen with Herman Cain at rally.

Kristen doing her awesome signing for Herman Cain.

Yes. . . She Cain!
That little bashful blond teenager has not only grown up into a beautiful wife, an expectant mother. . .but she also was the interpreter for Herman Cain's rally in Alabama today.  Who would have ever thought she'd be brave enough to stand before all those people signing for a potential president of the United States!
She was home-schooled.  She was a church goer.  She was a multi-year volunteer signing for the deaf in our services.  She learned her signing skills right there with her family and practiced what she learned in our churches without pay.  God is certainly "spot lighting" her skill. . .
what she did "secretly" God is rewarding openly.
Sometimes in life we make a decision to do what just seems like a little thing. . .
going to a free signing class at the church. . .
and it turns into a gift that God uses to bless us in our future.

We are very excited that our little girl was given such high honors . .  And look at that lovely Christian dress standard!  God can look at her without having to roll His eyes.  No short skirt.  No low top. No tattoos.  No pierced lips or holes in the ears.  No funky hairdo.  Just a beautiful example of a woman with a vision.

Wow!  What an exciting story she'll be able to tell  "Olivia Brooke", that little belly bump showing in the second picture above. (Actually this is Olivia's first on-stage appearance with Mr. Cain too.)

Note: I am sure Janet, Sam and her siblings are much more interested in politics today than
they were yesterday!  I know Kevin was beaming and the glow is probably still
lighting up his face. . .and this old aunt is pretty thrilled about it too.

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A Living Sacrifice said...

Yes I do remember that shy little girl that moved here from so far away. She took her place in my heart and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow into a strong, confident, Godly woman!!! I am honored to say she is my baby sister :D