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Monday, November 28, 2011


A Thanksgiving at Mom's. . .we didn't get to go that year but by the look of the plates the
food was good. . .and plentiful.  God is good.  I sure do love my family.

Thanksgiving Day came with lots of reasons to be thankful.
God has been so good to us this year and our entire lives.
We've been blessed by some of the greatest parents anyone could desire.
We've been loved and loved in return.
We've had wonderful men of God as pastors. . .men who taught us how to eat of the tree of life.
We've had healthy children. . .and when they weren't healthy we've had the Lord to stand
by us as we prayed for His will.
We've had good homes, cars to drive, food to eat, clothes to wear,
heat and air conditioning.
We have the money we need to buy the things we need.
Our men all have jobs so they can provide for us.
We've been through natural and emotional storms and lived to see that God rules in the storms.
We have God's Word to carry in our hands and in our hearts.
We are blessed with freedoms in this great nation prepared for us by God.
We are able to communicate with people all over the earth via modern technology.
We have the gift of the Holy Ghost to communicate with God and to give us comfort.
Peace is more than just a word we've learned, it's a standing with God.
We've found God's people and have "eyes to see".
We know that God has a calling on our lives. . .and this is the "day" He's made for us.
We will rejoice and be glad in it!

But here are a few people I want to mention that were special
blessings in our home this very Thanksgiving Day . . .
Sarah. . Chad. . .Laura. . .George. . .Kimberly Jo. . .Travis. . .
Stanley. . .Becky. . .Brooklyn. . .Jillian. . .Kathryn. . .Jesse. . .*Emily Jane
Doug. . .Rachel. . .Paul. . .Joe. . . Daniel. . .Bucky (David)
Denny. . .Michelle. . .Autumn
Ashley. . .Jaida. . .Brayden
Janet. . .Sam
Davita. . .Sophie. . .Maya
Kristen. . .Kevin. . .*Olivia Brooke
Cecil. . .Vicki
Grand-papa and Grand-mama Johnson (the Dallas Johnson's)
*"still in the oven"

I didn't think to take pictures it was so busy that day.
The kids and Doug's family ate dinner here, then afterwards
around 2:30 or 3:00 p.m. the other families started coming in.
Stan made the best turkey I think I've tasted, so moist and flavorful. . .
Sarah made pumpkin pies that were as good as Mothers. . . And hers were the best.
We had good food and fellowship all afternoon and into the evening.
We were honored to have the Johnson's who were friends of our parents.
We sang together and the kids played. . .lots and lots of kids. . .making wonderful
memories that they'll think back on for a lifetime.
Here are some really short clips that Tom took with his phone on Thanksgiving.

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