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Friday, December 2, 2011

George, Get Your Rifle!

Baby Travis Easton Hanna enjoying a sandwich at Grandma's house.
Kimberly Jo Hanna

Kimberly Jo on a "wild hair" day. . .always full of life. . .
some days are just "wild" days, no hair involved.

This is just a quick story about Sarah taking her kids
to Old Town Spring yesterday.
It was nice out and they decided to take a walk around the town,
especially down to the toy store. . .
Afterwards the kids all needed to go to the restroom and
they are in a building outside. . .not connected to a shop.
When Kimmie went to wash her hands she knew George, her four year old brother,
 was standing right
outside the restroom doorway. . .
A big roach crawled out on the sink and  a frightened Kimmie hollered out. . .
"George, get your rifle!"
(and let me tell you she CAN holler)

~Kids are so cute. . .and especially when they're yours.~


Joy said...

What a couple of cuties!! I love the hair...I think all little girls have those days...she's still beautiful even on the bad hair day...wished I could say that! lol I like the rifle story...now where in the world did she hear that line?? ha!

Grandma said...

Joy, such a sweet message. . .I've been looking for your blog page. . .where have you gone?