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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Especially handmade for Grandma. . .by Laura Jean

Just wanted to share a few pictures. . .these were from last week but I've been sick so I'm behind.

Here's  Eden (Josh & Emilye's oldest) and Hannah (Jon & Brenda's youngest)
making Christmas cookies with Grandma Wirth's recipe.
She would certainly be proud of them.

I can still remember coming home for lunch from school, walking up on the front porch and
being greeted by the delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies.
My friends always wanted to come home with me for lunch.
They loved my mom's cooking and the warm feeling of love in our home.
I lived close to the school so we could walk home, eat and then hurry back in the short lunch time.
Eden and Hanna making sugar cookies.

Now on another Christmas giving note. . .
we have Sarah's kids making breakfast burritos for the birds/squirrels.
They took them out and hung them on a line for the critters. . .
and wouldn't you know it not a one showed up!
The kids kept looking out the window and checking all day but Laura said,
"Not one bit disappeared!"
That was a few days ago and hopefully the critters finally appreciated their gift.

Kimmie, Laura and George with their fake smiles and breakfast bird burritos. . .Travis in the playpen.

And then one more very special Christmas snowman to Papaw and I from
Laura, George and Kimmie. . .but Laura was the one who painted the one given to us.
The other two kids made one for Aunt Janet and Sarah and Chad.
They did a great job!  I did find out on Aunt Janet's snow card it said,
"We love you very, very much."
George wanted his to say more than what Laura had said on ours, "We love You!"
Kids are so cute. . .so full of life. . .so trusting in our love. . .so worthy of our care.
I love kids!

Laura getting the package with my gift inside.

Three little Hanna's with the snowman Laura painted and glittered last week.

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