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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Old Friends, Sam and Rienetta. . .share some of the same pages in life's book. . .

Tonight Tom, Sam, Janet and I had a very good time with some old friends,
Sam and Rienetta Callaway.
These sweet people have been in our lives for a very long time.  I count them as loyal friends.
They were mindful of us with a love gift for Tom's hand surgery. . .and Tom said he'd like to
have them over for a meal as he's always enjoyed talking to Sam. . .so we did and had a great time.
They came bearing gifts, a beautiful Christmas cactus and some lemons and peppers they'd grown. . .
But the best gift of the evening was just sharing old times together and
catching up on each other's lives.
We had a big meal, what we call supper. . .steaks, macaroni casserole, green beans, deviled eggs, salad, garlic bread and brownies. . .and lots of funny stories. 
Rienetta showed us pictures from their latest work trip to South Aftrica. . .interesting.

God is so good to give us friends to share life's blessings with.
When I get together with old friends, I love remembering things we've done together.
I love laughing or sorrowing about "pages in their book of life"
that are also "pages in my own book".
We have lots of precious memory pages we share. 
Our kids were great friends. . .for years we cleaned the Old Spring Church together with our kids
along Patsy Bollier with Jon. . .we were the cleaning crew.
It was great fun times and the kids loved every minute of it.
They just loved being together, even if being together meant work.
Stacey (Callaway), LuVanna (Brown) and Sarah were the best of friends growing up. . .
so many wonderful memories of them together.
Sammy Callaway (Jr) was a good friend of both my kids.
Stan always looked up to him because although Sammy was older, he was good to younger kids.
Sarah thought he was very handsome and sweet.
It was a sad day when he was in that terrible wreck and we lost him.
We thought we might lose Christine too. . .we were thankful she pulled through.
Darrin did lots with Stan when they were teens. . .he could play just about any instrument
by ear and the boys loved to play in the church band.
Melissa and Matthew were younger than my kids, but we still did lots with them
as a group. . .camp outs. . .rafting. . .volleyball. . .cooking. . .
building. . .go cart riding. . .church school. . .plays. . singings. . .prayer meetings. . .life. 

My main reason for posting this was to say. . .
Thank you God for giving me friends.
Help me to always recognize them as friends and treat them as such.
I want to learn to treat my friends the way Jesus treated his.

Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13


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