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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Dog's (Greg's) Big Day. . .Old Man. . .

Melvin Gregory and Rachel Ann Martin - years ago in Sebastopol, TX.

Today someone -who was once this young married man in the picture above- is having a birthday.
I'm not saying he's old, just not so young anymore.
I'm not saying he's 60 but he could be. . .

Greg is a good brother-in-law.
He can sing and write songs . . .he can and does bless God's people with his talent.
Greg also plays the trumpet. . .you heard him solo if you were at church Sunday night.
Through the years he's sometimes been afraid to get up and speak what the Lord gives him. . .
but when he does the people enjoy his way of expression. . .it adds flavor to the message.

One of my favorite songs that Greg wrote is. . .
"Go To the King"
 another . . .
"I Remember the Time When I First Loved You, Lord. . ."
Both songs have encouraged my heart in times of need.

I just wanted to say,
 "Happy Birthday Greg!  And many more."

Long ago. . .another birthday at our house for Greg.

Update: Eric fixed a really good meal with shrimp, corn on cob, potatoes and more for Greg's birthday.
Lots of folks gathered at Rachel's house to give Greg honor.
It was a good day of fellowship.

 Eric cooking some great food at his parent's house.

Averi at her Grandparents home 2012

One more note. . .Averi (Greg's granddaughter) was baptized Sunday night!
It was really sweet.
I am thankful she wants to come to church and be a part of God's people collectively.
The more she comes the more friends she will make in the church.
It's good to have friends who have parents that are trying to direct their steps.
If we all try to obey the promptings of the Lord, and follow the instructions of the ministry. . .
we'll have a safety net for our children if they would fall.
I'm glad my kids had good friendships in the church when they were growing up.
I glad I had friends to support me as a young person.
One of my best friends was Rachel. . .and we are both still "in Jesus".
I'm thankful for friends that know what it means to say. . . "in Jesus name",
"make the bride", "the godhead",
"high-balling the graveyard", "perfection", "the body of Christ", "2rd heaven",
"lowest hell", "Holy Ghost". . .to name a few keys.
It's hard to go through life with friends that don't understand your own personal vision.
It's great to have friendships with those who support you in your beliefs.

Laura's folks talked to her about getting baptized last night but she wasn't wanting to yet.
She was afraid. . .maybe next time.
I will be glad to see each of my grands going under the water and coming up symbolizing
 a separation from the world. . .making up their minds to follow Jesus, whatever He asks.

Thinking of Tom's little chorus. . .

"Old Man get out of here. . .Get Out!
Old Man, get on down the road.
You're messing up my life. . .
My life with Jesus Christ.
Old Man get on out!"

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17

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