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Monday, January 23, 2012

Autumn gets a visit. . .Great Baptismal service

Autumn Wirth and Josh Edens at Monterey's after church Saturday night.

Yes, Autumn had a visit from someone she's been seeing a lot of lately.
He certainly was friendly and I noticed he "opens the car door" for her. . .that was a plus.

I can remember Josh's parents coming to Houston when he was just a little guy.
His mother played the piano while his dad sang a song in about 5 different keys!
Bro. Patton loved for him to do that and he would usually make sure he called on
him while they were in town.
Josh and his little brother would sit on the pew watching. . .good little boys.

Not long ago I pulled a video out of my stash with his folks on it.
Tom and I enjoyed watching it.
I'll have to let Autumn watch it if I can find where I put it.

On another note. . .we certainly had a great baptismal service last night.
More and more people kept deciding they too wanted to be put under the water.
Bro. Gary Wright and Bro. Les Modisette would think they were finished. . .when another
would want to go under. . .and then another. . . then several more!
It was neat.  Over 40 were baptized is what I was told.
Bro. Patton told us you can't get to heaven without being baptized.
Lots of company came to watch the event as some relatives were making a commitment.

One particular visitor - we hadn't seen at the church in "ages"  - was Stacey Callaway Brown.
She had little Ethan with her and he is a DOLL.
He has that white "Callaway blond" hair. . .and he is so friendly! 
It was so good to see her old friends going by to greet her and admire Ethan.

It was so good to see all those that came!
The Sam Callaways. . .The Shane Locklers. . .The Eric Cisneros. . . The Rod Ashbys. . .
The Danny Katzensteins. . .Sharissa Woods family. . .The Smiths. . .little Raelyn Cooper. . .
Old friends. . .all our hearts tied together somehow by the experiences we've shared.

Bro. Brown gave a great message on staying on the vine, Jesus.
HE is the vine. . .we are only branches on the vine.
The only way for us to maintain life is to stay on the vine.
We're not worthy of HIS calling if we put anything in front of our relationship with HIM.
Our relationship with Him can be eternal so it should be valued more than any.
Don't let mother, father, houses or lands. . .etc. stop you from going on with God.
At the end of his message he said, "Don't let Jesus down. . .
he might be expecting something of you. . . so don't disappoint Him."
( Not his exact words. . . but close.)

" Jesus I hope you are expecting something good of me. . .Don't give up on me,
I know I've failed many times to do the righteous thing in my actions or words. . .
but I am still trying. . .my "new man" keeps getting back up and facing that "old man". . .
Someday, by your grace, I will defeat that old nature if I allow you to help me.
I don't want to let you down."

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