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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Especially handmade for Me. . .from Brooklyn

Brooklyn Peach
(12 years) 2012 / December
Multicolored Dish Cloth and hot pad knitted for me for Christmas by Brooklyn.

These were a special handmade gifts for me from Brooklyn.
I love them and especially the dish cloth.
Last year she made me one that I still use but this one is better.
It is just the right size and the one in the picture has been washed several times.
(Brooklyn is making some to sell too.
I think she is going to charge $5.00 per cloth and they're worth it.)

I think it's really neat that she knits and crochets.
She also teaches her friends if they're interested.
Ma Beck has been great to help her understand her patterns and demonstrate "how to". . .
and Grand mama Johnson also can help if she's in town.
Jilly also knits and taught one of her friends to knit during last Sunday night service.

Kids are amazing.

Brooklyn is also learning to fix breakfast for the family.
With new sister, Emilye Jane arriving next month
she will be helping mom with some meals.
She loves to cook and made pancakes and bacon the other morning.
I glad she likes to cook and is so good at it.
Cooking is something the Wirth side of the family excelled in.
Ma maw Wirth and Great Granny Bare would be so pleased with her accomplishments.

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