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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not "easy listening" but trying to sound like Papaw

A Post Only a True Friend Can Appreciate
Papaw Peach is well known in the family as the "fun song and dance" guitar player.
He thinks up crazy little songs and the kids love to dance to them.
Some of their favorites are "Hopping on One Foot", "I'm Doing the Jumping Jacks"
"Do the Crabwalk" although these are just a few.
They have missed his playing as it has been a part of every event at our home for them.
So, with the new guitars these little guys are trying to imitate their Papaw.
If you listen closely you can hear the lyrics.
It may sound rough to you all. . .but it's music to a Grandma's ear.

Tom is starting to be able to use even his pinky finger again.
He has been playing the guitar just a little.
Maybe he will soon be back on the "family music program".

George Thomas playing his new guitar like a 4 year old at Sarah's house 2012.
Laura, Kimmie, Sarah and Travis.

Jesse Frank playing guitar like a 3 year old in his home.
He got frustrated when Papaw was holding down the strings so we could
hear him better. . .our mistake.
An artist just has to perform his own way!

Kathryn decided to play along with the CD. . .?
Laura, Kathryn, Stan, Tom, Chad and Brooklyn at Stan's house for Christmas 2012.

Please excuse the voice of the old woman who forgets she is taking a video clip
and sings a word or two at random. . .the person to watch is Kathryn playing her new guitar.

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